Brookwater Testimonies

Brookwater Testimonials

Kelly G. Durian
Homeowner / Sr. Client Executive at Verizon Enterprise Solutions

I am extremely pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Brookwater Construction. In all aspects of the project Brookwater exceeded expectations. My wife and I interviewed numerous builders for an extended period, and we came away very impressed with Brookwater. They were very candid and forthright, which was important for us, since we were first-time home builders. We were originally somewhat intimidated by the process, but Anna and Jeff Burns were very easy to work with, and extremely knowledgeable.

Brookwater really stood apart from the other builders we met with in a number of ways. The first and most dramatic was in the design process. We had more input with Brookwater than any other builder. The design that we came up with was truly a collaboration between Brookwater and us. The end result was a design that was unique, bold, and unlike the boiler plate material we saw elsewhere.

We were very concerned with budget, as we had heard all of the horror stories. However, Brookwater managed the budget perfectly. We stayed within budget, and never felt like any upgrades or changes in plans were being exploited financially. In fact, I can say unequivocally that some upgrades cost us no more than the materials they were replacing.

All in all, the process was quite enjoyable. If you want a home that will truly be yours, I would advise you to look very closely at Brookwater. My wife and I are absolutely amazed at the stunning home that Anna designed personally for us.

The best testimonial that I can give Anna and Jeff Burns is this - whenever we decide to build our next home, it will undoubtedly be with Brookwater. Please do not hesitate to call us direct, as we would be more than happy to provide any details that will help you in your decision.

Ray Marcy
Executive Chair at Reliant Healthcare Professionals

Working with Anna and Brookwater has been a unique and extraordinary experience for Fiddleheads Coffee. Anna is "off the scale" in terms of her design, planning, engineering and construction management. Each project we have given to her has come in under budget (a budget that included material savings because we included her in the planning process) and on time.

Perhaps as important; the integrity, candor, insight, professionalism she brings is unparalleled.

Our structure, now a landmark of Thiensville is the most obvious testament to her work with us...but there have been several projects where Brookwater's work has been invaluable.

I would be happy to discuss Brookwater's contribution upon request.

Lamon Elrod
Executive Vice President of Care & Compliance at Assisted Living Concepts

I found Brookwater almost by accident. I ran into trouble on a project and Brookwater was there to help. They had been involved early in the process, but we had used another contractor for the project. Without batting an eye, they worked to resolve discrepancies, smooth disputes and ensured compliance and completion, all with the utmost professionalism and care for the situation. I didn't know there were contractors like them. From day one on the job, they jumped into whatever tasks were at hand and worked to get it done, no matter how seemingly mundane or difficult.

Everything with Brookwater is open, honest, and transparent. There was an immediate trust that was formed and we always felt they acted on our behalf. They spoke to our needs and they represented our concerns. At a time when we needed it most, Brookwater allayed our worries and strove to mitigate a situation which allowed us to go back to our work and our lives.

John Pluta, PE
Experienced Leader I Project Manager I Structural Engineer I Collaborator I Renovator I Problem Solver

Anna has a fresh approach to projects that always places an owner and their interests related to the project first. Working together as a team we have uncovered unique opportunities in projects to keep them cost effective and constructible - a key to any project in any economy.

Sara Elizabeth Hamm
Executive Vice President of Care & Compliance at Assisted Living Concepts

My husband and I hired Anna and her team to rebuild an old dilapidated 1960's ranch in Pewaukee in February of 2012. The project is nearing completion and we are absolutely thrilled with the transformation of our home.

Anna has had her finger print on every aspect of the design and construction of our new home. She is a visionary professional who really brought our dreams to life! Anna is an artist as well as a designer and builder. We had some very strange and demanding requests (including a special bath/shower for our Golden Retrievers), and she never missed a beat. This was our first major construction process and rather than being a stress producing ordeal, it has been a very rewarding experience. Anna is professional, ethical, articulate, extremely intelligent and an overall joy to be around.

She really helped me create a design palette and assisted us with the interior design and exterior landscaping plan that we will begin after the construction is completed this month. My husband also graduated from MSOE and probably drove her crazy with design changes, but she has remained incredibly helpful, patient & supportive through the entire process.

The craftsmanship has been really incredible, and we feel like we have received great ROI on this project. She sticks to the budget and there were no hidden or exorbitant costs for the construction process.

I will also add that Anna and her husband, Jeff have assembled an incredibly talented team of construction professionals. Anna & Jeff have hand-picked the "best of the best" when it comes to carpenters, masons, painters, plumbers, and our favorite team member of all, "Electrician Joe." I recommend Brookwater Construction with the highest regard and zero trepidation.

Sean Maher, AIA
Principal at Madisen Maher Architects

Anna and the Brookwater team has been competent and thorough at tackling projects with dedication and professionalism. Besides being easy to work with, they are hard working, responsible and communicate ideas clearly and concisely. During construction, I witnessed attention to detail and a determination to work with me, the owner and subcontractors alike to solve problems. I highly recommend Anna and Brookwater for your construction project

Dr. Johnathan Melk D.D.S.
Owner, Johnson Creek Dental Group LLC

I highly recommend Brookwater Construction, Inc. for project management and construction of any facilities.

Anna kept a timely schedule during the construction process and kept me involved in all project meetings. When I was unable to attend the project meetings she updated me via e- mail promptly to keep me informed on the progress of the project.

Anna Burns is a creative and energetic individual and displayed that creativity in the thoughts and construction of my dental office. She is very professional and aims to please her clients. Mrs. Burns was very conscious about keeping to a limited budget while still producing quality construction and a wonderful atmosphere for my patients and staff. I highly recommend her for this project and any future projects you may have on the horizon. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding Brookwater Construction, Inc. or the professionalism of Mrs. Anna Burns.

Eva Bartz
Manager at Urban Upcycle Resale

Anna is a very accomplished and driven individual, with strong convictions and a value system that puts her clients first. Her knowledge and experience in the world of construction are amazing - you could not ask for a better person to oversee any project imaginable!

Eric Lorenz
Dr Comfort COO

Your skills transcend those of a construction manager to include some great architectural design and review as well as some pretty good legal input. As you know, we are extremely busy growing our business, we could not afford to take a lot of time to manage every aspect of this important building addition.

Brookwater took the time to get to know us and understand our needs. You also took the time to understand our wants and then blended the "needs" and "wants" into a unique and very workable package. You helped us to make the tough decisions required, but relieved us of having to deal with the tedium that comes with such projects. Because you took the time to know us, you were able to take our general direction and run with it. You carried the project out as if we were running it ourselves.

In addition to making sure the project stayed on schedule, you also managed the money aspect quite efficiently. Throughout the project, Brookwater constantly strove to find every penny that wasn't nailed down while keeping the contractors productive and happy to be on the site. Everyone seemed to care about the end result and that our satisfaction was the most important thing.

Putting faith in Brookwater was one of the easiest and most rewarding business decisions that we could have made. Thanks for your partnership.